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Bifold doors are a popular and beautiful addition to any home, but they’re often marketed as a great asset to have during the summer months, whilst the autumn and winter use of Bifold doors tends to be overlooked. Of course, Bifolding doors do lend themselves extremely well to warmer weather – being able to be opened right up during the sunniest of days for family barbecues, or when you simply want to bring the outside in. During the autumn and winter months, however, you may find that you’re opening the doors up less and less, and in the depths of winter it’s unlikely you’ll want to open them up at all! So what benefit do Bifold doors have when it’s too cold to use them as they were intended? Read on to see just how versatile they can be. 

Increased Light

 As we are all painfully aware, this is the time of year when your morning commute begins to turn into a dark and chilly journey. Leaving your home when it’s still dark can make a lot of people feel down. This is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and affects millions each year, to varying degrees. One of the most impactfull ways to help beat the ‘winter blues’ is to ensure you’re getting enough natural light when you’re able. This includes going for walks outside when it’s light (perhaps on a lunch hour or during your day off) and making sure enough natural light is getting into your home. Relying on artificial lights too much can exacerbate the symptoms of SAD. BiFold doors are one of the best solutions for your home in this respect, as they include large floor-to-ceiling areas of glazing with minimum frame thickness. As well as letting in more natural light than other types of door, BiFolds can fill oversized gaps, providing a wall of glass rather than a wall of light-blocking brick or concrete. 

Insulated Warmth

A ‘wall of glass’ may make you wary of having BiFold doors during the coldest months of the year, but the truth is that they’re actually very thermally efficient and, depending on what you had in place previously, could even ensure your home is warmer than before. All BiFold doors come with high-quality double-glazing as standard, which is constructed into the door using cutting-edge techniques to ensure the cold air cannot get through. The frames are also great for thermal efficiency, with aluminium and uPVC both providing insulation and protection against the elements.

Retain Connection With The Outdoors

Having BiFold doors means that you get to enjoy the outside world without having to be a part of it, and this is very helpful during the winter months, when going outside may subject you to sub-freezing temperatures and questionable weather. When you don’t have to go outside it can feel blissful to stay wrapped up in the warm, but you also miss a lot by not venturing out. Keeping a connection with the outside world – with the rising and setting of the sun, with the weather and with the plant and animal life which changes so dramatically during the autumn and winter seasons – is one of the more popular ways of coping with SAD. The more connected you are with the seasons, the more likely it is that you’ll see the beauty in it, rather than seeing winter as a season of chills and darkness.

Fireworks & Winter Wonderland

BiFold doors can also give you some excellent views during the various autumn and winter celebrations which happen throughout the UK. Whether your home is situated in the countryside or in the city, you’re bound to be able to enjoy some of the more unique sights of the season through the large glazed areas BiFold doors are famous for. As well as fireworks during Bonfire Night and the Hindu festival Diwali, you may also get to enjoy watching the snow as it begins to fall or the International Space Station as it makes a fly-by in clear, crisp winter skies. Having an abundance of glazing can open up your world in the winter months without subjecting you to the harsh temperatures which are so common during this time of year.

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