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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the north of the UK is being battered by some rather severe weather at the moment, with many towns and communities still without power, not to mention the unprecedented flooding that many families are suffering through. The poor weather came from Storm Desmond, the fourth official named storm that the UK has been hit with since the naming scheme came into force earlier in the year. The bad weather is likely to continue for some areas, and the winter is only really just beginning – with the official start of the season just under 2 weeks away – meaning that there may still be some stormy weather to come.

When we get periods of bad weather in the UK, Evander is called upon by the majority of the top home insurance companies as their service providers of choice when their policy holders need to make a claim for damage. In the case of poor weather, this damage can be caused by wind, heavy rain or giant hailstones and may include debris being blown into windows and damaging them, heavy, driving rain leaking in through old or unfit door and window frames, and hailstones smashing through conservatory roofs. To ensure your home is kept as safe as possible during poor weather conditions, it’s important to consider the following – and get your neighbours to do the same,

Broken window

Ensure Everything Is Secure Outside

Ensure Everything Is Secure Outside

Making sure you don’t have too much lying around in your front/back garden is good practice for security reasons as well as to protect your home during high winds. Where ladders, tools and other useful equipment is usually kept in a shed, some people do tend to leave some things out and about. This is dangerous for two reasons;

1. Opportunist thieves could use these things to break into your home, and

2. High winds could blow items into your home, damaging doors and windows, not to mention endangering the safety of those inside.

You’d be surprised just what a strong gale can do, even in a relatively calm-weathered country like the UK. Be sure to weigh down your BBQ, any outdoor play equipment and if you can, try to dismantle or strongly secure your kids’ trampoline. If you see that a neighbour has items in their garden that could be whipped up by the wind and damage other houses, you may want to let them know.

Woman making Phone call

Make Sure Your Insurance Company Has The Right Information

Make Sure Your Insurance Company Has The Right Information

If something does go wrong, then it’s important to get in touch with your home insurance company as soon as it is safe and reasonable to do so. In order for them to swiftly action your claim and send someone to help, you’ll have to be fully insured for the issue at hand. If your home is due to be hit by some poor weather in the coming weeks, then we suggest that you check your home insurance policy to make sure it covers everything that needs to be accounted for. You may find that there are clauses and stipulations in your contract which means you’re unable to claim for certain types of damage, so it’s always important to get things like this rectified before the weather causes problems.

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