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Ask the Experts: Garage Door FAQ

Which garage doors are the most secure?

All new garage doors from reputable manufacturers and suppliers will have a high basic level of security as standard. However, sometimes a more robust and security-proven garage door is required.

Perhaps you’ve been broken into in the past, or your neighbourhood has been experiencing a rise in property crime lately. Or perhaps you simply want the peace of mind that a higher-security door can bring? Whatever your reasons for wanting a garage door with excellent security credentials, we welcome you to take a look at the following ranges:

  • SWS Seceuroglide roller garage doors
  • Garador Guardian up-and-over garage doors
  • Hörmann sectional garage doors

Should I replace my garage door frame?

Garage door frames have traditionally been made from timber, and if yours has not been maintained properly since it was installed, you may find it needs replacing at the same time as your garage door, if not before.

Timber frames are not commonly reused if they have been in place for a long period of time, not just because of potential wood rot but due to the fixing holes widening with reuse. This means that the door may not be as securely fitted to the frame as it should be.

Thankfully, steel frames are now widely available. Steel frames can be reused and don’t lose strength over time. They’re also practically maintenance-free, making them a very economical and environmentally friendly option. Steel frames are also quicker to install and will not warp over the lifetime of the door.

Where inside my garage should I have a power point for a motor?

This depends on the type of garage door you would like to have fitted. If you would like a roller garage door, the motor will be situated at the side of the door roll. As this type of door is very compact, the power point should be within 1 metre of the garage doorway at about chest height.

For any other type of garage door, such as up-and-over or sectional, the power point should be located centrally, on the ceiling or on a roof joist about 3 metres back from the entrance.

Our surveyor will be able to help in the early stages if you’re concerned about where best to place a power point or if you’re unsure whether your current arrangement is suitable.

What garage doors are low-maintenance?

Roller garage doors are the lowest-maintenance doors you can buy. Not only are they compact and automated as standard, but they’re also constructed from insulated aluminium, which does not need to be maintained throughout its lifetime. The absence of large moving parts and complicated fixtures means that, by default, there are fewer things which can go wrong.

Our roller garage doors are constructed from insulated aluminium, which does not need any kind of treatment or painting over its lifetime. It’s resistant to rust and ages well in challenging environments, such as in salty sea air or intense sunlight.

How do I care for my timber garage doors?

Timber garage doors require regular maintenance in order to ensure they retain their strength and integrity, not to mention their looks. Wood is a material which will last forever if looked after properly, but it will require some TLC, which is something you must keep in mind before deciding on timber.

If you want to ensure your timber garage door stands the test of time and gives you the absolute most for your money, reapplying a wood stain or timber treatment in 6-month intervals is desirable. Some doors may be able to go up to 2 years before treatment, but this will depend mostly on where they are situated: the surrounding environment of a garage door plays a big part in how well they age.

For instance, if your timber door is finished in a darker colour and is exposed to a lot of sunlight (say, if it’s south-facing or experiences little shade) then it will need treatment much more frequently than a timber door which is less exposed.

To treat your timber door, you DO NOT have to remove it from the entranceway: it can be done in-situ, making it much easier to do it yourself. With the door in the closed position, simply coat the exterior and interior faces with your wood treatment of choice. We can advise you on the best type of treatment to use when we fit the door.

When treating your timber garage door, it’s always advisable to use a stain rather than a varnish due to the permeability. If you use a wood stain, the timber will be able to breathe, preventing any rot and softening of the wood. A wood varnish will completely seal the wood, which risks trapping moisture inside. This trapped moisture — when it cannot evaporate out of the door naturally — is likely to lead to fungi and rot problems in the future.

How much headroom is required for a roller door?

Roller garage doors take up very little space within the garage, but what space they do take up is all directly above the opening. A roller door will always be fitted in the most space-conscious way possible, which means that the door roll is occasionally fitted in-between or outside the opening rather than inside if there is not enough room above the lintel.

As a general rule, you’ll need to be able to provide 350mm of headroom for the roller door to fit. Where a roller door is being fitted between the opening, it’s important to ensure that this still leaves room for your car to manoeuvre in and out. There are compact roller doors available which create a tighter and smaller roll when fully open. These can be an option for those who do not quite have enough space for a regular one.

Due to the range of installation options available when it comes to fitting roller doors, we would always advise booking a free measuring survey even if you’re unsure you’ll be able to fit a roller door into your garage. As all garages are different it’s important that our surveyor can get a full picture of the space you have available, and whether any additional considerations need to be made relating to access, health and safety, and garage use.

Are there any other types of sectional door apart from Hörmann?

We only have Hörmann sectional garage doors listed on our website, but there are other sectional garage doors available. Garador also make their own sectional doors, as do a company called Cardale. As we have a good relationship with our suppliers, and we’re able to use our status as a leading nationwide property services company to get some great deals, we’re always happy to discuss obtaining garage doors which aren’t on our site, should you prefer a specific supplier.

Do you supply Henderson doors?

Henderson was a popular garage door manufacturer for a number of years, and many Henderson garage doors are beginning to come to the end of their natural lifespan and require a replacement. Unfortunately, Henderson went out of business around 8 years ago, but it’s still possible for us to source certain parts in order to perform repairs.

Henderson was renowned as a quality manufacturer, so many of its previous customers are keen to stick with what works for them for as long as possible. We will always endeavour to repair garage doors where possible, but if you have a Henderson door which is definitely at the end of its life, we can also help with choosing a replacement that has all the same benefits as your old door.

What is the difference between Garador and Hörmann?

Many of our customers ask us this, as at first glance the Hörmann and Garador ranges look very similar. In fact, the up-and-over steel and timber garage door panels are essentially the same between the two brands, with a few small differences.

The handle which is supplied with a Hörmann up-and-over door is a more rounded shape than the handle supplied with Garador doors. This is just a small difference, but the flatter shape of the Garador handle can give the door a slightly different look, and may sway your choice.

Garador garage doors also have more colour options than the Hörmann doors, with 18 different choices. Hörmann offers a choice of 7 different colours for their doors. If you’re interested in the more subtle shades, opting for a Garador design gives you more choice when it comes to the all-important finish.

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