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As you may have seen on our website, the range of garage doors we stock is huge, with many types of door material, opening mechanism and panel design available. The look of your garage door is almost as important as the security and longevity of the panel and the mechanism – it’s a large part of the exterior of your home and the right door can make a big difference to the first impressions (and therefore value of) your property.

Many homeowners would love to have a timber garage door, as they’re extremely long lasting and can bring a timeless beauty to many different styles of property. However, solid timber doors can be out of budget for some homeowners, and they require a certain level of maintenance over their lifetime, which may be a sticking point for some people. So how can you enjoy the look of timber without the expense or the high maintenance levels?

What Is Decograin?

Decograin is the name given by Hörmann (one of our leading garage door manufacturers) to a finish which is available on some steel garage doors in their range. The Decograin finish itself is a foil finish which gives steel doors a very convincing timber look with an embossed woodgrain detail. The foil finish is UV resistant and has a specialised surface protection to ensure it does not fade, peel or flake with age. The Decograin finish means that you can get the look of solid timber without the high maintenance that comes with it – Decograin doors do not need special treatment throughout the lifetime of the door and will simply need to be kept free from debris or grime with a quick wipe down every now and again.

Why Is Decograin Popular?

Decograin is becoming more popular with those who may have originally chosen a timber garage door for their home due to the lower costs and the lower maintenance needs of the door itself. Many popular door types come with the Decograin option, most of which can be manufactured with either a Golden Oak or Rosewood finish. The rich colour of the woodgrain print keeps its vibrancy and can complement a huge variety of homes, from the very old to the more contemporary. Although Decograin finishes are a relatively new invention, this type of finish has been used very successfully for uPVC window frames and doors, so a Decograin garage door panel could be just the thing to pull all of the features of your home together to create a seamless, uniform look for your home.

Which Garage Doors Come With A Decograin Finish?

Hormann Marquess Decograin

Here at VPS247, we have 7 Hörmann garage doors with this finish available. We also stock Garador garage doors, which do not use the term ‘Decograin’, but instead have the same type of finish labelled under ‘Timber Effect’ – we have 5 doors in this range.

The Hörmann offering includes a Decograin version of the popular Marquess, Georgian, Wide Horizontal and Wide Vertical designs, as well as a Decograin option on some of the Sectional garage doors in their range.

The Garador offering includes a similar range to that of Hörmann, including their popular Beaumont, Cathedral and Georgian door panels, as well as the Wentwood and the Sherwood, which are similar to the Wide Horizontal and the Wide Vertical designs offered by Hörmann.

Moving away from Up & Over and Sectional doors, our supplier of Roller garage doors, SWS, is also able to apply a woodgrain finish to their designs – these come under the ‘laminated’ category of roller doors and can be manufactured with a Rosewood, Golden Oak or Mahogany finish.

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