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As it becomes harder to move up the property ladder due to high prices, many families are staying put in their homes for longer. This means that there’s not always enough room as the family expands, which is driving homeowners to utilising other spaces on the property which would traditionally not be used for practical essential space. If your home is growing a little cramped, you don’t have the means or motivation to move, and you want to avoid adding an extension to your home then performing a garage makeover could be a solution.

Garage makeovers are becoming increasingly popular as a cheap and effective way to add space to a home and are often done to allow for a leisure room of some kind. This could be in the style of a ‘man cave’, an artist studio/workshop or a home gym. Games rooms or a hangout area for older kids are also popular. Today we’re going to look at what you can achieve with a Scandinavian-esque garage makeover – a hugely popular interior design style which lends itself extremely well to garage spaces.

Why Scandinavian Design Suits Garage Makeovers

Scandinavian interior design is focussed on being both practical and beautiful, and often incorporates muted colours, clean lines and natural materials where possible. White and grey are key base colours to start with, and exposed wood, brick or concrete is also a core feature of the style. Many garages are not plastered and painted, which can look very cold and unwelcoming. However, by turning this industrial feel into a feature and building a homely, Scandinavian themed space around it, you may be surprised at the positive impact an unfinished wall can achieve. Going for this interior design style rather than a more finished one not only helps you save time but also money – plastering and painting a full garage space would be expensive and time consuming while you waited for it to fully dry out.
Scandinavian design relies on clean lines and simplistic furniture – clutter and mountains of soft furnishings are not needed in order to complete the look. This is handy in a room which may not be as warm or dry as others in the house as damp could be a problem where large soft furnishings are pushed against outside-facing walls. Garage Room Use Ideas Scandinavian interior design lends itself well to many different functions, from a home office to a chill out space in which to watch films or play games. The simplicity and straight lines which are such an integral part of the design ensure professional, serious spaces like workshops, offices and gyms are focussed and clean. The small pops of colour and natural materials help to bring a homely, cosy feel to the room without being to over the top. In short, this type of garage makeover can be switched up with very little effort and still completely suit the use for which it was intended.
A chill out room/living area can be easily created with just a stylish, natural rug, a modern, plain coloured sofa, an arched floor lamp and a simplistic coffee table. Large framed prints focussing on clean design, perhaps in a linocut style go very well with this type of garage makeover, especially when they contain a flash of colour which matches other accents in the room. Simple Scandinavian Touches As a cost effective design idea, going for the Scandinavian effect is one of the best for your wallet. Small touches like plain scatter cushions, painted filing cabinets and lamps made out of wood stumps are all cheap to make or buy. Try visiting your local car boot sale or charity shops for smaller items like lamps, vases or artwork for the walls.

Your garage door can also be incorporated into the design. Sectional doors in Titan Metallic or plain White are always a good bet when trying to convey the clean, modern functionality of Scandinavian style. Choosing a sectional garage door with added windows is also beneficial to this interior style, as it works well when lots of light is used in the space.