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5 Ways To Make Your Garage Look More Luxurious

Millions of homes across the UK have the benefit of a garage, yet in this country it’s a traditionally neglected part of the home, often left with rudimentary interior decorating and used more like a storage container than a legitimate, well used room. In the US and, to a lesser extent, in mainland Europe, garages are decorated and treated like other rooms in the house, and in some cases they’re made into attractive property features from which to showcase vehicles, going all out with decorating, lighting and design. It doesn’t take much to give your garage the look of luxury – check out our top tips below.

Double Up

Luxury garages are often larger than the standard single garages which are common throughout most of the UK. Of course, many homeowners don’t have a choice on the size of their garage, but if you’re thinking about an extension (if you have the room) or if you’re planning on building a garage on your property in the near future, considering the size of it is important. When it comes to double (or triple…or quadruple!) garages, you have two choices when it comes to the garage door. You can either have two single doors next to each other (which can be either manual or automatic), or one large double door which is operated electronically. Both look equally lavish, especially when a modern door design (such as a large panelled sectional door) or a high quality timber garage door is used.

Add Glazing

Adding some kind of window to your garage can launch it into the realm of luxury, especially if you’re able to incorporate a large floor to ceiling window or sliding door into the front or side of the structure. Many garages in the US use glazing to showcase their vehicles – this is a particularly popular upgrade with those who are proud of their vehicles and who may have a classic car or even a whole vehicle collection to show off.  Of course, when adding glazing to your luxury garage (either incorporated into or separate from the garage door itself) security should be considered, and for this reason toughened, laminated glass is recommended.

Mood Lighting

Adding creative lighting to your garage is a cheap and easy way of giving your garage a more luxurious look. Spotlights embedded into the ceiling or underneath any fitted units can give a swanky feel to the space. When teamed with simple, clean lines and neutral décor, these lights will do all the talking. If you can add a dimmer switch then you can choose the ‘mood’ of the garage, lending atmospheric lighting which can really enhance the look of your vehicle(s).

Interior Finish

The interior finish of most garages throughout the UK leaves much to be desired – bare walls, concrete floors and no comfortable décor to speak of. Finishing the interior properly and bringing it up to the standard of any other room in your home can make a huge difference to the look of your garage and can really boost its luxury appeal. Plastered walls which have been painted to a decent decorative level and some kind of flooring other than unfinished concrete can really bring the room together and make it seem more luxurious than other garages.

Eccentric Touches

Adding something a little eccentric, like a garage carpet, a display window which faces the interior of your home or showcased memorabilia relevant to your vehicle or hobby/passion can transform your garage into a luxury space which really has that wow factor.