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Today (25/10/2013), The Met Office in London issued a severe weather warning. The Met Office issued an ‘amber’ warning relating to a storm that could reach the UK on Monday. They are predicting a very intense low pressure system that will run northeastwards across the country early on Monday, bringing the potential for an exceptionally windy spell of weather for southern parts of the UK. Basically, an amber warning means the public should be prepared for “the risk of falling trees as well as damage to buildings and other structures, bringing disruption to transport and power supplies”.

The storm has also been reported by the BBC and the Daily Mail, so its a real possibility it could hit the UK.

But how do you prepare for a storm? As a national glazier and home repairer for most of the UK’s insurance companies, we’ve seen the damage storms can bring. In 2012 we repaired over 2,000 conservatory roofs that were damaged in a localised storm in Nottingham and Leicester. In 2011 we repaired thousands of homes in Scotland from the storm damaged caused in January of that year.

We’ve therefore prepared this simple guide to help you prepare:

1) Don’t Let Things Fly Around Outside: Tie down or move inside garden furniture, bikes, flower pots, portable BBQ’s and so on.

2) Charge-up: Make sure all your battery powered essentials, such as mobile phones, are charged up incase there is a power-cut.

3) Look After Your Pets: Make sure your all your pets are brought inside before the storm and sufficient food, water and sanitation is provided.

4) Protect Your Car: Park your car indoors in a garage if you can – a lot of cars get damaged when they are outside during a storm.

5) Check on Your Neighbours: Call any neighbours or friends who might be frail or elderly to see if they need any assistance.

6) Stay Informed: Keep a check of the storm TV, radio or online

Hopefully the storm will pass and cause as little damage and disruption as possible. Don’t forget, The Met Office have got it wrong before. However, it would do you no harm to follow these 6 steps on Sunday night, just in case they are right.