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Affected by Fire or Flood? VPS247's New Sanitisation Service Can Help

With the recent storms in Cornwall causing flood damage to homes, we are reminded of the tempestuous and unpredictable weather to come. While it may still feel like summer in many parts of the country, the fact that it’s already mid-September means that this weather is likely to change very soon, and so it’s important to be as prepared for bad weather as we can be.


Similarly, it’s also the time of year to be aware of fire safety within the home. The colder weather means that more appliances are likely to be used, due to the temperature, as well as the fact that people spend much more time in the home during the autumn and winter. Cooking appliances alone caused 50% of the accidental dwelling fires in the UK 2014/2015. Candles and open fires are also used more frequently in the winter months, and these also raise the risk.


The Aftermath of Fire or Flood


It goes without saying that fire and flooding in residential homes can cause a lot of damage, and VPS247 attends many insurance jobs each day where affected properties require our window & door replacement services. The residual issues these disasters cause often leave a lot of dirt, soot and grime on UPVC frames, even in rooms which are largely unaffected. This debris and grime can affect their finish and moving parts, so a total replacement is often necessary – which of course takes time, is disruptive and can be rather expensive.

Having to replace even mildly damaged windows and doors on top of the additional problems that flood and fire can bring – such as structural issues, severe damp and the replacement of carpets and furnishings – can be frustrating. In the not so distant past, this was the only option.

Our New Sanitisation Service

Our New Sanitisation Service


After receiving feedback that this was an expensive aspect of the clean-up process and one which caused a lot of upheaval at an already difficult time, we decided to test out a full sanitisation process for uPVC windows which have sustained fire or water damage. Our ability to perform quality repairs has never been better, due to new materials and technologies becoming available in recent years. Repairs to uPVC are often completely invisible and just as strong as the original window.

After a successful trial, we now offer a nationwide sanitisation service for UPVC frames and associated glazing to insurance customers, so even windows which are smashed can be eligible for repair. If your property is ever affected by fire or flood (and we hope that it never will be), it’s likely that your insurer will send VPS247 to help with this part of the clean-up process, as we are the preferred supplier to 75% of the top 20 home insurance companies in the UK.


This is a brand new service proposition which VPS247 are proud to make available to all, so if you are interested in arranging uPVC sanitisation privately, we can also accommodate. We believe this innovative solution delivers numerous benefits to both the insurer and the customer, including substantial cost savings and a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to get people back into their own homes.

How Does It Work?


The repair and sanitisation of uPVC windows and doors involves the following:


All glass is removed from frames

UPVC frames are sanitised using Chemspec 429 (a water-based antibacterial cleaner)

All glazed units are cleaned, including locks and hinges

All glass is reglazed into frames

Any additional damaged parts are replaced as part of this exercise (e.g. gasket/opening mechanism)


As part of this process, we will also ensure a full glazing risk assessment is undertaken on each property, in line with the requirements of British Standard BS6262. Where the glazing does not comply with this legal requirement, we will reglaze using the appropriate specification of safety glass.


We’re pleased to be able to help save cost, time and stress for all concerned when a fire or flood has hit. By being able to perform this service, it’s also much easier for us to work around other contractors who are responsible for the repair and replacement of other parts of the property.


For more information on how VPS247 can help in the event of a home emergency, visit our insurance information page here. If you’d like to speak to a member of the team, you can do so by filling in our contact form or calling 0345 145 0130.