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Autumn colours: gorgeous home improvements inspired by the season

Autumn is now officially upon us, and the leaves are beginning to turn. One of the most beautiful aspects of the season is the brilliant variety of warm colours on show, keeping spirits up as temperatures drop and the days become shorter. You may find this complete change of natural colours alters the look of your neighbourhood, lending a new warmth to brickwork, tiling and even concrete.


These warm shades, such as deep red, brown, orange and yellow, are often overlooked when it comes to home improvements, yet autumn shows us that these hues can complement the exterior of your home and really make a stunning impact. Instead of opting for the usual white or anthracite grey for your windows and doors, why not be inspired by autumn and choose a finish which will really enhance and beautify your property? Below, we’ll look at home improvements which take their inspiration from Autumnal hues in order to create a gorgeous year-round look.

Golden oak

As the leaves on the trees yellow and drop, we’re exposed to more wood, bark and branches. Some may find bare trees harsh after the softer, more colourful summer form, but the variety of colours to be found in wood are actually extremely beautiful.

This is old news, of course, but it’s worth remembering the beauty of timber. For a long time now the norm in many neighbourhoods has been to have white uPVC windows and doors installed, so many people tend to forget that there are other options out there. While not everyone can afford solid timber or has time to maintain it, the look of real wooden frames is still available through new colouring processes on both aluminium and uPVC products.

Take, for instance, this beautiful set of bifold doors. Foil-finished in ‘golden oak’, a soft yellow-brown colour with woodgrain detail, they almost blend in with their environment, looking as much a part of the home as each individual brick. The property has a completely natural look, which in turn enhances the outside space. This same property with white or dark grey doors would look much less warm and inviting.


Bifold doors work by folding to one side in a concertina motion, with the full door set able to be pushed right to one side, creating a large opening into the garden. They are designed to create a seamless transition between outside and in and maximise the amount of natural light which enters your home. By choosing a colour that complements the colours found outside, this feeling of space and freedom of movement is enhanced.


Here at Evander we stock both aluminium and uPVC bifold doors in a wide range of customisable sizes. Both frame types can be finished in a range of plain colours and timber effects, such as the golden oak finish seen here. If you’re looking for a particular shade, our aluminium bifold doors are available in any RAL colour. You can find a full list of these colours and their universal codes online, making it easier than ever to find the perfect shade for your home improvements.


While the golden oak finish gives a tranquil, natural look to windows and doors,
some may prefer a warmer wood finish. Rosewood is a dark red timber with stunning contrast in the grain, and it suits many different styles of property. The rich colour of rosewood evokes the cosy, warm side of autumn and also looks gorgeous in the summer, where sunlight enhances the rose tones.

Real rosewood is not commonly used for windows and doors these days, due to it being an expensive and scarce timber. This is because there are few species of tree which produce this kind of wood, and unfortunately many of them are endangered or at risk. It would certainly go against our green credentials if we offered solid rosewood windows and doors, so we offer this as a foil finish on both aluminium and uPVC, as well as a wood-stain colour for solid timber.


As an example, we recently fitted this beautiful rosewood garage door (pictured above). As you can see, the timber effect is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. These foil finishes are applied during the manufacture of the door and are extremely durable. They won’t peel or bubble with age, and the only maintenance required is a simple wipe over with a damp cloth every now and again for cleaning purposes.


The richness of the rosewood colour gives this brick home an extra something, taking it from a run-of-the-mill suburban house to one which has a more welcoming and cosy look.

Red hues

While autumn is mainly dominated by beautiful golden hues, any foliage which turns deep orange or red is undeniably the most striking. Deep, rosy reds are less harsh than the brighter ‘post box’ shades, and are incredibly complimentary to both grey and brown construction materials. So whether your home is made from granite, sandstone, brick, concrete or timber, choosing deep red when improving your home is going to look wonderfully welcoming all year round.

Red front doors are a particularly popular choice, as the vibrancy of the colour works best where it is used sparingly. The front door is the focal point of the façade of your property and the first impression guests are going to get of your home. As such, if you want to ensure your home has great kerb appeal, you should look to replace your current front door if it is draughty or has sustained damage which may have weakened it. A new front door would ensure you have a high level of energy efficiency and in-built security features, as well as a vibrant finish.


When choosing a new front door with a red finish, a model made from composite will provide the best all-round longevity and security and the least amount of maintenance. As with the aluminium bifold doors above, it is possible for us to manufacture your door with a bespoke RAL colour, rather than one from the standard list. This ensures that you’ll get the most accurate shade possible.


Harnessing the beauty of autumn is something which will reward you all year round. If you’d like to discuss colour options or any of the products mentioned here, please give our friendly team a call on 0345 145 0130, or email your questions to us by using our simple contact form.