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Autumn Home Security Tips

Halloween, Bonfire Night & ‘Mischief Week’

The last week of October and the first week of November is an exciting time for adults and children alike, as Halloween and Bonfire night fall just 5 days apart. This week

has become known as ‘Mischief Week’ in many parts of the UK, as both holidays have begun to merge together. It’s not unusual to hear fireworks going off every night during this week, and there are plenty of people about after dark.

According to Santander Home Insurance, damage to property during this time equalled £1.4billion last year – that’s £273 for each property affected. Pranks such as throwing eggs and posting things through letterboxes are common in some areas, and fireworks can damage buildings when used incorrectly. What’s more, reports of theft & burglary rises by a staggering 22% on Bonfire Night alone.

Protect your property during Mischief Week by taking some simple precautions. Many burglars are opportunists, so don’t give them reason to think that your home is an easy target. Ensuring that you have good locks fitted on your front and back doors as well as all windows (particularly ground floor ones) is your first line of defence.

How Can VPS247 Help?

Fitting your door with anti-snap euro cylinder locks means that accomplished thieves won’t be able to get into your home easily. Multi point locking systems (which come as standard with all Evander composite doors) make forced entry extremely difficult too. If you have patio doors, then you can further protect your home by adding a Patlock. This is a new type of security feature which fits over the handles of your patio doors, acting much like a steering lock would on a car. We’ll be featuring these on a more detailed blog post in the future, so check back for more information about this innovative and extremely secure new product.

Darker evenings

Darker Evenings

Many thieves and vandals use the dark as a cover for what they’re doing, as it’s less likely that they’ll be seen. To this effect, thick foliage around your home can block them from view of your neighbours. While we all like some privacy, don’t enclose your home and garden too much, as this may attract an opportunist.

It’s been suggested that a cleaner, tidier home and garden are more off-putting to burglars, so ensure your front door and exterior of your home are both clean. Keep your garden tidy and lock tools away too, as these can be used to break into your home. We offer a range of locks for sheds and garages, so it may be worth looking into adding that extra bit of security to your home.

If you can, try setting your lights on a timer or leaving the radio on when you go out for the evening. Making your home seem lived in, even when no one is there, is a sure fire way to make any wrong-doer think twice.

Autumn Fire Hazards

The colder weather may not be fully upon us just yet, but when it does arrive those with fireplaces will probably consider getting a fire going. It goes without saying, of course, that you should ensure your chimney has been cleaned before you light the first fire of the season. Also, ensure you have a fire guard in place to stop flying embers from taking hold should they find their way onto your carpet.

Fireworks also present a fire hazard when not used properly. If you want to set off your own fireworks from home, make sure that you light them a good distance away from your property. Keep your windows shut and a fire extinguisher to hand. Protecting your home from fire is important, but so also is protecting your home from the spread of fire. Having fire-rated doors which fit properly into the frames can make a huge difference to how severe a fire is in your home – it may even make a difference to having enough time to get everyone out safely. Our composite and timber doors can be supplied with an FD 30 option. This means that it would take a full half an hour for a fire to eat through the door.