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Blast Proof Glazing - Protection against Modern Threats

How Terrorism Affects Business

The cafes, bars and restaurants which were targeted suffered a lot of damage, some through having shots fired in the direction of the customers sitting both outside and inside, and one restaurant sustained damage when one of the attackers detonated his suicide vest after sitting down to place an order. Having anything like this happen in your business premises is horrifying, not just from the obvious loss of life standpoint, but also due to the damage that can be caused to the building itself. For many of these small business owners, the time it will take to recover – mentally, physically and practically – may well mean a huge loss of earnings and even perhaps the loss of the business altogether. For some it may simply be too painful to continue.

Smashed Glass

What's The Solution?

Here at Evander we have seen a rise in the number of business owners enquiring about blast proof glazing solutions, not just to protect their business premises, but to increase public safety as per their health & safety responsibilities and their duty to their customers and staff. Here at Evander we can offer a range of high-tensile blast protection film, as well as edge retention systems which can be applied to existing windows. These safeguards can dramatically change the outcome of an attack on or near your premises, as the glazing film ensures the glass will be held together, even if it is broken during gunfire or bomb blast.

During a large, coordinated attack like the one on Paris, many of the injured will have suffered from secondary blast injuries – the most common cause of death when there has been an explosion. This means that, rather than the bomb or weapon itself being the reason for their injuries, it’s actually flying debris resulting from the blast which causes the most damage. This includes shards of window glass.


How Do I Enquire About Blast Proof Glazing Film For My Business Premises?

How Do I Enquire About Blast Proof Glazing Film For My Business Premises?

If you are a business owner and you would like to be quoted for this additional layer of protection for your premises and for the safety of your staff and customers, please let us know by filling in this enquiry form. The film can be applied to existing windows and due to the low-impact techniques used, this can even be undertaken during business hours with very little disruption to trade, if any. The blast proof film also protects against issues arising from extreme weather conditions, industrial explosions and techniques used by criminals when committing acts of vandalism or attempting forced entry. While no one wants to see a repeat of what happened in Paris, the reality is that terrorism is unpredictable and there’s no knowing when or where extremists will strike next. Blast-proof glazing film could mean the difference between the loss of life and saving lives, not to mention protecting your business as a whole, should you be unlucky enough to become a victim of these new and terrible crimes. Here at Evander we hope that your purchase is ultimately a pointless one – we would hope that your glazing film does not have to be put to the test.