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The head of the new National Police Chief’s Council, Sara Thornton, has said that due to budget cuts and the way that crime is changing in the UK, police may have to stop attending more traditional non-violent crimes such as burglaries. This will cause some concern for homeowners and renters across the UK, as although burglaries are on the decline they still affect thousands of us each year.

Being burgled can be a harrowing and scary experience. Many victims of burglary feel the effects long after the event, and often the material issues (damage to property and stolen goods) pale into insignificance when it comes to how this type of crime can make you feel. Being a victim of a burglary can make you feel that you are not safe in your own home and you or your family members could feel anxious about security for some time afterwards. Your home is a place where you should feel safe and secure; where you can go to relax and where you can live in peace without fear or threat of intrusion or violence. When burglary shatters this ideal, reassurance is desperately needed. This is something that the police would traditionally help with.


Police Priorities Are Changing

Of course, the fact that the police may not be attending more ‘minor’ burglaries straight away doesn’t mean that you cannot call them for help. It’s still just as important to register the crime, as this can not only help with prevention in your area, but it is also required if you need to make a home insurance claim.

Thornton stated that the changing face of crime means that priorities have to be reconsidered, but that if you are a victim of burglary the police will still help.

She said, “Crime is changing in this country,” and that there must be a “conversation with the public,” over which crimes should be prioritised.

“We need to move from reacting to some of those traditional crimes to think about focusing on threat and harm and risk and protecting the public.

“If we’re really serious about putting a lot of effort into protecting children, for example, it might mean if you’ve had a burglary, for example, and the burglar has fled, we won’t get there as quickly as we have in the past.

“Of course, we will still want to gather evidence, but we might do it in different ways.”

Smashed Glass

Adding Security Features To Your Property

So what can you do to help prevent a burglary of your home? If you can, equipping your home with Secured by Design products and features can greatly reduce your risk of being burgled. Secured by Design (SBD) is an initiative led by the UK police which ensures homes and commercial premises are as secure as possible. Front doors, windows and garage doors are all areas where a little extra security goes a long way, and SBD ensures that any home improvement bearing their logo is designed and constructed with extra security features over the more basic secure versions.

Many of our products are approved by Secured by Design, including our entire range of composite and uPVC front doors. Our Garador Guardian range of garage doors are SBD approved and our aluminium BiFold doors are British Standard PAS 24/25 tested. This means that they are classed as ‘Doors of Enhanced Security’. We also have a wide range of security equipment available, such as our Yale alarms and garage door security accessories.

Secure by design

Prevention is always better than cure, so if you’re considering some home improvements and you’re worried about the security of your home, then opting for products which have additional security features would not only mean that your home is better defended but it would also lend you and others in your household some additional peace of mind. Of course, all products we fit have a high base-level of security due to modern construction techniques and intelligence gained from how burglars have operated in the past.

If you’d like to book a free home security survey or if you simply want to talk about what Evander can do to help secure your home, please use our Contact Form or call 0345 145 0130.