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Enhance Your Home – Internal Doors

Few of us really give much thought to our internal doors. Unless something goes wrong, it’s not the first thing you’d think about updating in your home and when you move in to a new property, the last thing you’re looking at are the doors which separate rooms – it’s the rooms themselves which are important.

However, few people realise just how integral internal doors are to the look and feel of a home, the energy efficiency of the interior, and their security and safety. The ‘right’ internal door can make more of a difference than you may imagine to all of the above.

Updating Your Interior

When you’re decorating your home, whether it’s for the first time since you moved in or an update to your previous decorating efforts, it’s worth thinking about replacing your interior doors, especially if you never have done before. Shabby-looking doors which could do with more than just a touch of paint can really bring down the appearance of a room, and they may not be the best style for the look you’re going for.

For instance, a panelled wood-grain door may look great in a room with a more traditional and understated style, but a more contemporary design – perhaps with glazed panels and sleek handles – could be the cherry on the cake of a room with a modern design. Alternatively, breaking up rooms with internal French doors or Bi-fold doors can help you to open up a larger space when you want to, making your home more adaptable.

Updating your interior doors

Energy Efficiency

Internal doors which fit properly into the frames and are made from newer materials tend to be more energy efficient and can make a huge difference to your heating bills in the winter. Older homes may have warped or oddly-shaped door frames which can make it tricky for internal doors to seal properly into the frame when shut, so draughts are common.

Your doors may simply be ‘hollow core moulded’, which – as the name suggests – are hollow on the inside. These are great if you need to save money, but they don’t keep the heat in very well and wouldn’t have much integrity in the event of a fire.

A solid internal door which suits your home interior can make more difference to your heating bills than you realise. It also gives you the option to heat up one or two rooms that you’re spending time in (rather than the whole house) in order to keep the temperature comfortable. Even doors which include glazed panels can be efficient as good quality, toughened safety glass is used as standard.
Energy efficiency

Security & Safety

Some internal door styles that we offer can have the option of being fire doors. We offer an FD30 level of flame resistance, which means that a fire would take 30 minutes to burn through the door. This could mean the difference between life and death, so if your home is at a high risk for fire (open fireplace, smokers in the household, old wiring etc.) installing internal fire doors, particularly in high risk areas such as kitchens for instance, could make a huge difference should the worst happen.

As mentioned above, all doors which include glazing – whether it’s traditional style panelled doors or more contemporary designs which include unusual glass shapes – come with toughened safety glass as standard. This means that, should you have energetic children or simply an accident-prone nature, the glass can withstand impact. This ensures your safety and means that you should never have the expense of replacing the glazing for the lifetime of the door.
If you’re interested in the wide range of internal door options that Evander offer, you’re welcome to speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors on 0345 145 0130 or email us on

Security and safety