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Solid timber Canopy garage doors are coveted by many homeowners. The natural beauty of timber teamed with the strength and efficiency it brings to any garage space are all attractive selling points, however solid timber doors can be expensive when compared to their steel counterparts. Is it worth it?

Our Timber Range – The Pros

Our timber garage doors are available in Canopy or Tracked opening mechanisms and are all constructed from solid red cedar, which is a durable wood. It won’t warp or split and is naturally insulating, keeping your garage at a more comfortable temperature than many steel doors. However, if you don’t use your garage as a workshop or hobby room then thermal efficiency may not be very high up on your list of garage door priorities.

Our Timber Range – The Cons

On the downside, solid timber doors will require regular maintenance as wood is not quite as durable as steel or aluminium. Your new garage door will need staining before installation (all timber doors in our range come with a variety of wood-stain colours to choose from) and at regular intervals thereafter. The re-staining frequency will depend on a number of environmental factors around your home, but you can typically expect to have to do it once every couple of years. It’s important that you use a stain rather than a varnish, as the varnish will not allow moisture to leave the wood, causing it to rot or warp.

Decograin – Giving You The Best Of Both Worlds

So if you can’t afford and/or don’t want to maintain a timber Canopy garage door, but you want the softer, more traditional look for your property, what can you do? It just so happens that this is a common request, and there are many Canopy garage door options out there for you.