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Here at VPS247 we have a number of garage accessories for our customers to choose from, but what do these accessories actually do? For those inexperienced when it comes to garage doors and their various functions, some of the accessories which are available to be added on to your garage door order (or purchased on their own) may seem a bit of a mystery. In this blog post, we’ll look at our most popular garage door accessories and explain how they can help you and enhance your garage space.

Automated Garage Door Motors

Many people don’t realise that they can automate their existing garage door and that you don’t have to have bought it that way in the beginning. For many types of garage doors, fitting a motor is relatively easy, however automating canopy garage doors (the most popular type of up & over doors in the UK) can be tricky and is something we usually try to avoid. This is because we know that, where an existing garage door is old or tired, converting it to motorised opening will not produce great results, and it certainly wouldn’t work perfectly for the length of time you’d want it to as justified by the cost. However, tracked, sectional and roller doors can all be successfully converted to automatic opening with very little hassle. Along with the motor itself, you’ll receive 2 remote handsets. These can be used to operate the door from inside your vehicle or from anywhere within a certain radius.

Garage Door Defenders

door defender

Garage door defenders are one of the most heavy duty security enhancements you can buy for your garage door. They only work on up & over doors (canopy and tracked) and act like a steering lock would on a vehicle. If the garage lock is compromised in some way, then burglars will be able to open the door unhindered. However, with the addition of a garage door defender, the unlocked door will not be able to move outwards or upwards in order to open – the defender prevents the door from moving at all. Of course, this security accessory cannot be used on sectional or roller doors as they open by moving directly upwards, rather than swinging outwards. It’s this swinging trajectory which is prevented when using a defender.

Garage Door Indicator

The garage door indicator is a popular accessory for those who have large houses or whose garage is located away from the main home. The detector is a simple device which sits in your home and will tell you via lights whether your garage door is open or not. This can be a particularly useful tool during the cold, dark winter months, as it means you won’t have to venture outside in order to check on the door. Many previous victims of theft or burglary like to use these as peace of mind – questioning yourself as to whether you shut the garage door can be frustrating; the garage door indicator means you don’t have to second guess yourself or the actions of others in the household again.

Photocell Kits for Automated Garage Doors

Evander currently stock a couple of accessories which are specifically designed for those with an automated door. The photocell kit, although it sounds complicated and technical, is actually a simple device which comes with two sensors. These should be fitted on both sides of the garage door frame. They emit an invisible beam between them, and when this beam is broken by someone or something moving through the garage doorway when the automated door is in motion, it’ll cut the power and prevent the door from crushing any person or pets which get in the way. This accessory is particularly popular for those with multiple pets and for those with children. Of course, even if you don’t have pets or kids, this device is perfect for keeping everyone safe.

Keypad for Automated Garage Doors

Also for automated garage doors is this keypad. This can be mounted on a wall outside of the garage, allowing the door to be opened via a 4-digit PIN. This is handy of there are multiple users of the door, and is also useful for allowing deliveries to be put into your garage if you’re not home to receive them. Of course, you should be careful who you give the PIN to and it’s always advisable to change it on a regular basis. One other feature this keypad has is the vacation lock. This can allow you to secure the door for a certain amount of time, meaning that even if the remote handsets are used during this time, the door will not open until you have keyed in the 4-digit PIN upon your return.