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How Much Do Roller Garage Doors Cost?

One of the more common questions we are asked by those in the market for a new garage door is how much does a standard garage door cost? While this is a good question, and one which is sensible to ask before you make any decisions, unfortunately it’s not always easy to give a straight answer without first conducting a site survey. Contrary to common assumptions, there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ garage door — in fact, the huge variety of specifications means that our garage doors are usually made to order.

Roller garage doors are becoming more and more popular with those who need to modernise or upgrade their current garage situation, and they are the only door type which comes with an electric motor as standard and not as an optional extra. Here at VPS247, we offer roller garage doors which are manufactured by British company SWS. You can see the SWS range of roller doors here. We have also recently struck up a good working relationship with Birkdale, who manufacture high-quality insulated aluminium roller shutter garage doors at a lower price than SWS.

If you’re considering a new garage door and you want to know more about how roller doors work, how much they cost, and the various benefits they can bring to your home, we welcome you to read on to find out more.

Roller Garage Doors: The Basics

How do roller garage doors work?

Roller garage doors are a relatively new garage door design for residential homes, although businesses have been using a similar design on their premises for decades. Roller garage doors open by moving directly upwards, rather than swinging out of the entrance like a side-hinged or up-and-over garage door. The door itself is made up from a number of thin, horizontal slats, which fit together completely flush to one another. When the door is opened, it rises upwards and then wraps around a roll at the top. The slats become partly unattached so that the door can wrap around itself, eventually creating a neat roll above the doorway.

What are the benefits of a roller opening mechanism?

There are many benefits to having a garage door which opens like this, not least the fact that it’s an amazing space-saver. Those with more traditional garage door types, such as up-and-over or sectional doors, will know that the door itself takes up rather a lot of room inside the garage when it’s open, compromising ceiling space and extending right into the garage space. Roller doors, by comparison, leave the ceiling area clear as they do not remain as one single piece and can therefore become much more compact.

Another benefit to their space-saving capabilities is that the drive-through width of your garage is maximised to its full potential. Some garage doors, such as side-hinged or up-and-over retractable garage doors, will narrow the opening, which may cause difficulties if your car is very wide, your garage is on the narrow side, or if the garage user is not a confident driver.

Can roller garage doors be customised?

While the design of these doors makes it difficult for manufacturers to offer a variety of different looks, there are still a wide range of colours and finishes available in order to customise your roller door and match it to the look of your home. Both SWS and Birkdale offer a range of plain-colour and wood-effect finishes, which are specially selected for residential properties, helping you avoid the ‘industrial’ look sometimes associated with this type of door.

You have a choice of nine different finishes available at no additional cost. However, there are hundreds of colours to choose from, so if you don’t like any of the basic finishes, you can opt to pay a little extra. The amount will depend on the finish and we’d be happy to list a number of options for you.

What is a roller door box and do I need one?

You may have noticed on our site that roller garage doors come with a ‘no box’, ‘half box’ and ‘full box’ option. The best option for you will depend on where your roller garage door is mounted — most will fit inside the garage between the top of the opening and the ceiling. However, if there is not enough room, you may find that the door works better mounted within the opening or outside of the opening. In these cases, a half box and a full box are required respectively. This helps to protect the door roll and ensures that the mechanism cannot be accessed from the outside, ensuring safety and security for your home. You may not know whether you’ll need a half or full box before we survey your home unless you have an existing roller garage door which is being replaced. To book in for a free measuring survey, please complete our short survey request form.

If you do need a protective box, a half box adds £60 to the cost of your door and a full box adds £100 to the cost. This will be fully explained to you and laid out on the quote we provide – no additional costs will be added without a full explanation.

Our Roller Door Suppliers

We have been offering roller garage doors for some time now, but it’s only recently that we’ve reached out to more than one manufacturer in order to give our customers a wider choice. While SWS and Birkdale offer very similar products, there are a few differences.


SWS is the market leader in roller garage doors and has a dedicated research and development department. Since 1985, SWS has been at the forefront of roller garage door security and technology, which has led to them being one of the most popular UK suppliers out there today. All SWS roller garage doors are manufactured in Lancashire and are designed and created with security as the main consideration. Due to this, SWS roller doors are accredited by Secured by Design, a UK police initiative which is aimed at ‘designing out’ property crime. The sympathetic design makes it as difficult as possible for someone to damage or force their way into your garage.

Estimated lead time from enquiry to installation: 3–4 weeks


Birkdale has been trading for over 20 years and has a fantastic range of roller garage doors available. Their development department has ensured that Birkdale is not left behind when it comes to innovation and consistent improvement, and — just like SWS — their doors are all manufactured in the UK. While Birkdale garage doors are not approved by Secured by Design, this doesn’t mean that they’re not secure enough: it simply means that SWS doors have additional security features on top of the basic, very decent level of security.

What’s Included in the Price?

With both SWS and Birkdale roller garage doors from VPS247 you get the following included in the price:

  • The roller door itself, which is constructed from insulated aluminium
  • All internal and external parts
  • An electric door motor and two remote handsets
  • Delivery straight to your home
  • Installation by a team of fully trained and vetted Evander engineers
  • VAT
  • The removal and correct disposal of your old garage door(s)
  • A five-year guarantee

Roller garage door examples – what do our customers pay?

Here are some real-life examples of roller doors which have been fitted to our customer’s homes within the last couple of months. We’ve shown three Birkdale garage doors and three SWS garage doors for comparison, along with pictures and prices for each.

Birkdale roller garage door #1

Door type: Birkdale Classic Mini (No Box)

This ‘mini’ version of the classic Birkdale roller garage door is made up of smaller horizontal sections. This means the door roll is much more compact when the door is open, maximising the space within your garage.

Colour: White

Electric motor: Yes

Size: 2470mm x 2300mm

Extras: A through-wall manual release device has been fitted, which allows the user to override the electric motor using a key in the event of a power cut.

Cost: £1320 – inclusive of the roller door and all internal mechanisms, the electric motor and two remote handsets, the emergency manual release, delivery, installation, VAT and the removal and correct disposal of the customer’s old garage door.

Birkdale roller garage door #2

Door type: Birkdale Classic Maxi

This ‘maxi’ version of the Birkdale Classic allows for slightly wider horizontal slats and is ideal for those with a larger garage opening.

Colour: Wine Red

Electric motor: Yes

Size: 2660mm x 2170mm

Extras: None

Cost: £1536 – inclusive of the roller door and all internal mechanisms, the electric motor and two remote handsets, delivery, installation, VAT and the removal and correct disposal of the customer’s old garage door.

Birkdale roller garage door #3

Door type: Birkdale Classic Midi

Colour: White

Electric motor: Yes

Size: 2010mm x 2460mm

Extras: None

Cost: £1400 – inclusive of the roller door and all internal mechanisms, the electric motor and two remote handsets, delivery, installation, VAT and the removal and correct disposal of the customer’s old garage door.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting the ball rolling on your new garage door is easy: all you need to do initially is to let us know you’d like to book in for a FREE measuring survey. You can do this via our booking form, by emailing your details to, or by chatting to Jason on our webchat feature during office hours (you can find this in the bottom right corner of the webpage). We’ll need to know your name, your postcode, a contact number or email address, and any general information about what you would like to achieve. We’ll then be in touch as soon as possible to get you an appointment booked. In many cases, we can visit within just 48 hours of your initial contact with us.

It’s important that you ensure your garage has a power supply going to it so that an electric roller door can be fitted. If not, we can help with a manual option or alternatively we can advise you on finding a separate contractor to undertake this part of the job. If your garage is attached to your home, it’s likely that it’ll have its own power supply or at least make it easier to add this in.

Once we have surveyed your garage, taken measurements and clarified exactly what you would like, our pricing department will prepare a no-obligation quote for you. The quote will include everything mentioned above and will be the cost for the complete job — you will never have to worry about hidden extras such as call-out fees or additional labour costs.

If you decide that you’re happy with the quote we provide, we’ll work with you to book in a suitable appointment for installation. At this point we will require 50% of the quoted cost, with the further 50% required upon completion of the job. What’s more, you’ll have a dedicated job owner throughout the whole process, so you’ll know exactly who to ask for if you have any questions.

Check out our range of roller garage doors here. Please note that Birkdale doors are not currently listed individually on the site, so please state your interest when booking in for a free survey.