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Graffiti is an art form which has gained a lot of credibility over the last couple of decades and is increasingly being used as a way to decorate both residential and commercial properties. Since Banksy shot to fame with his thought-provoking artwork in public spaces, graffiti has been viewed differently by many who may have dismissed it as a crude and illegal practice. Various international festivals and events – which encourage the legal decoration of public buildings, garage doors and shop shutters – showcase the amazing designs that street artists can create in surprisingly little time.

If your garage door is looking a little tired or if you want to really make an impact, artwork can be commissioned from street artists to give your door a boost. Here, we’ll showcase designs and artists who have transformed drab garage doors into exciting and vibrant street art.

Art brightens up the oldest of garages

Herman Brood

Herman Brood (1946 – 2001) was a Dutch rock star and later an artist who is well-known in the Netherlands. His suicide in 2001 has been said to be the most significant event in Dutch music history and his art has since become collectible as a result. The Herman Brood museum, situated south-east of Amsterdam, holds a collection of his artwork, including these garage shutter door murals. His use of simple lines and colour convey energy and movement and his work has drawn comparisons with Picasso, a true master of his craft.
Herman Brood Graffiti

Simple Yet Effective Garage Art

Of course, rather than commission an artist to paint your garage for you, impactful and vibrant designs can be created on your own. Sticking to simple designs in just one or two colours can help you to really make an impact without requiring the skill and imagination of a professional artist. Stencils can be used to quickly and easily spray your chosen design onto the door, like this one.

Elegant Garage Graffiti

There are a number of places online where you can download stencils, or alternatively you can create your own by searching for online tutorials. Where a very simple design is desired, using a projector or simply copying out your picture onto the door in sketch form first can allow you to create simple yet effective garage decoration, much like this Batman-themed door below.

Batman Garage


Stik is a London-based street artist who uses simple stick figures and bright colours to create popular artworks all across the world. Based mainly in Hackney, Stik has spent time living on the streets and is, like Banksy, very private about his identity. His garage artwork may just be contained to the garage door itself, or he may incorporate parts of the surrounding building into his work. His basic yet polished style shows the impact you can make with very few colours and simple designs.

Stik Graffiti

Detailed & Colourful Designs

If you want to make more of an impact with your garage door art, then commissioning an artist who has mastered the art of shading and complexity within the image could be for you. Highly detailed and very colourful designs may take much longer in planning and execution, but the end result is something which would really turn heads. Some of the best examples of this style can be found abroad, as you can see below.

Colourful Graffiti
Valencia Garage

Mark Bode

Mark Bode is an American artist who originally worked as a comic cartoonist after being inspired by his famous cartoonist father, Vaughn Bode. He takes inspiration from, and creates tributes to, his father’s cartoon characters in his work, which can be found not only on buildings but also on people – Mark Bode is also a tattoo artist who has worked in both Massachusetts and California. His work tends to involve brightly coloured figures with a very classically cartoonish style, like the example below, which can be found on a garage door in San Francisco.

Mark Bode Graffiti