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The Importance of Having a Home Alarm Fitted to Your Property

As part of UK Home Security Week, the VPS247 Home Security Survey 2013 revealed that 62% of home owners still didn’t have an alarm fitted to their property.

Research has shown that a visible burglar alarm is the first deterrent to a would be burglar. Making your house less appealing to a burglar, we have found, is key to ensuring your house doesn’t become targeted by burglars. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a burglar alarm fitted. Time and time again, we get called out to a property in a street, and the one targeted is the one without a visible burglar alarm.

However, the VPS274 Home Security Survey also revealed that 29% of home owners, whilst having a burglar alarm, don’t regular set it – either through their own choice or because the alarm is not operational.

If you do have an alarm fitted, we always advise that its used, even when you are in the property. Police crime research indicates that 56% of the time, burglaries are committed when someone is in the property. Setting you alarm, even when you are in the property, is a must.

Having a fitted burglar alarm can also bring down your insurance premiums by up to 15%, particularly if it is a monitored system. However, a number of people never take into consideration the psychological cost or burglary. All to often when we visit a property, its not the cost of the possessions that have been stolen, but the psychological devastation that’s caused by a perpetrator entering the home.

Choosing the right alarm for you is down to personal opinion, but here’s a few good resources we’ve found to help you decide:

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