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UK Home Security Survey Results, 2013

VPS247 is supporting this years UK Home Security Week UK to raise awareness of the simple steps householders should take to protect their property. It appears that message is more relevant than ever, with only 24 per cent of respondents admitting that they had not made any home security improvements in the past 12 months.

Research conducted to mark UK Home Security Week has shown that homeowners are failing to understand the impact that they can have when it comes to avoiding crime. The survey, commissioned by Evander Glazing and Locks, has shown that a staggering 85 per cent of people questioned were unaware of a technique known as ‘lock snapping’ despite it being one of the fastest growing methods of breaking and entering the home with some police departments reporting that over quarter of all burglaries are a result of this technique. Since 2009, there has been a rise in the technique, which involves applying force and snapping the cylinder in two, allowing the burglar to break into a home in a matter of seconds.

The majority of homeowners remain without even a basic house alarm installed in their home (62 per cent). More surprisingly, of the homeowners who did have an alarm, 29 per cent never use the system – either through their own choice or because the alarm is not operational. Surprisingly, 86 per cent of people will not make an insurance claim if it will affect their premiums or excess. And one in three homeowners will not report a crime because they believe the perpetrator will not be caught, the punishment will be too lenient or the process is far too time consuming.

Michael Fraser, UK Home Security Week ambassador, crime author and former BBC’s ‘Beat the Burglar’ presenter, said: “It is frightening to see how complacent people are regarding their home security. Many homeowners suffer from a victim mentality, believing that there is little they can do to deter a ‘determined’ burglar. This isn’t the case as most burglaries are committed because an opportunity has arisen, be it a key left in the back door or equipment not working, such as the alarm or floodlights. “Taking simple steps will have a huge impact for homeowners. For instance, not having their calendar in plain view or making sure the blinds are turned up rather than down so that the burglar can’t see in, all help to make a property less appealing. The Beat the Burglar app is a free calculator that helps homeowners conducts their own home security audit so that they can take the necessary steps to ensure their home doesn’t appeal to the opportunistic burglar.”

It appears that the carefree attitude towards home security also stretches to keeping a watchful eye over the properties of neighbours, as the survey revealed that 1 in 5 people would do nothing if they heard an alarm go off.