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Understanding Bifolds

Bifold doors have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last decade, with many homeowners opting for bifolds over sliding patio or French doors. As the technology has developed over the years, bifolds have become safer, cheaper and more beautiful than ever before, making now the best time to invest in a set for your home.

Whether you’ve already decided that you want to install bifold doors or you’re considering your home improvement options, it’s important to be fully informed. In this article, we’ll be looking at the basics of bifold doors and going into a little more detail about how they work, how safe they are and the benefits they can bring to your property. 

bifold 1.jpg
Safer, cheaper and more beautiful than ever before

Why people choose Bifold doors

Bifold doors used to be seen as a rather trendy option, but they actually have a number of very practical benefits over other door types. Many would argue that bifolds make your home more beautiful, comfortable and valuable, and that they can be a wise investment for the right property.

One of the main selling points of bifold doors, is that they are able to create a bright, open feel to your home and can be folded right back to reveal uninterrupted views. For those with a stunning view, a garden they are proud of, or an outdoor area for entertaining that they’re keen to use more often; bifold doors can provide the ideal solution.

For families with young children and households where there are elderly residents, bifold doors provide an easy and safe transition from indoors to outdoors. They incredibly light and easy to use, thanks to modern materials and innovative technology, and it’s impossible to trap your fingers between the door leaves. Bifolds achieve all of this, whilst still integrating beautifully into even the most characterful of properties. 

bifold 2.jpg
No trapped fingers here!

Sizes, configurations and thresholds

Bifold doors come in a huge range of sizes and configurations, and as they are all made-to-order in a state of the art UK facility, they can be made to fit the gap that you have. However, there may be some restrictions on the minimum and maximum number of door leaves you can have, which is why we always recommend performing an initial consultation and survey.

As a general rule, the minimum number of door leaves you can have is 3. There is no standard sizing for each section, and as such it’s likely we can offer you a number of options after taking the required measurements.

Once you have settled on the number of leaves (glazed door sections) your bifold door will have, it’s time to consider the configuration. You can opt to have your doors open to one side or another, or for them to be split somewhere in-between so that they fold back to either side. Many of our customers opt for a ‘traffic door’, which allows you to pop in and out without having to fold anything back. What will be right for you depends on how often you’ll be using your doors, your general routine and how your property and garden are arranged.

You also get to choose how low the threshold is for your bifold doors. With sliding patio and French doors, you often have to step over the frame to go from indoors to outdoors. With bifold doors, it’s possible to have an invisible threshold which is flush to the floor. This means that when you open the doors you can create a flowing open space, which provides a truly uninterrupted view and brings the outside in. 

bifold 3.jpg
Design the perfect Bifolds for your home

An environmentally-friendly choice

We’re all becoming more conscious of our impact on the environment in recent years, and rightly so. Many of our customers are concerned about the environmental impact of their home improvements, and look for materials and processes which are a little kinder to the planet. Energy efficiency is also important to many households, as this directly affects how comfortable a home is, and how expensive household bills will be. Thankfully, bifold doors have fantastic eco credentials – here’s why:

Bifold door frames are made from aluminium, which is one of the lightest and strongest metals in the world. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality, and for that reason 75% of all aluminium ever mined is still in use today. Your doors are fully recyclable at the end of their lifetime, but as they’re built to last you may be waiting a very long time to do so!

As for thermal efficiency, bifolds come with highly efficient double glazing as standard, as well as advanced weather seals designed to keep the warmth in during the winter months, and to prevent draughts. Our bifold doors actually exceed British Building Regulations for optimum thermal efficiency, with a U-value of 1.32. To put this into perspective, this is more thermally efficient than both a cavity and solid brick wall! 

bifold 4.jpg
Advanced weather seals keep the warmth in during the winter months

Add value, beauty and security to your home

Bifold doors can add a special something to both new-builds and existing houses, even if the property is very traditional in style. There is a huge range of colour and finish options available, giving you the opportunity to choose wood-effect frames or vibrant, exciting colours. There is also a dual colour option, which allows you to have one colour on the outside and a completely different one on the inside, to ensure the perfect integration into both your exterior and interior colour schemes.

Of course, security is also a very important consideration for homeowners, particularly if they have suffered a break-in previously. While bifolds are all about letting the outside in, you can rest assured that when they are closed and locked no such invitation is forthcoming! Every one of our bifold doors exceeds the latest security standards (including PAS 23/24) and have an 8-point locking system, ultra-secure hinges and additional linear bolts to ensure a steadfast defence. In addition, the locks themselves have been tested against snapping, picking and drilling, and have passed with flying colours. If you’re looking for a secure set of doors which are both practical and beautiful, then bifold doors may be just right for you.

Want to learn more about the bifold doors you could have installed to your property? Give our Bifold Door Builder a try – simply take a couple of simple measurements and follow our step by step door creator to see what you could achieve. Alternatively, contact us for more information or to request a consultation.

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