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Security Personalities [Infographic]

Although we’re all different, our personalities can usually be grouped into categories, depending on our different traits and tendencies. These categories can change depending on what you’re looking at, so if you’re thinking about social personality types, for instance, you’re likely to find extrovert and introvert at either end of the scale.

When it comes to how we look after the security of our homes, Brits fall into one of four personality categories; Paranoids, Regimented, Easy-Going and Chancers (click on each image below to enlarge). A new study commissioned by us here at Evander has identified these personality traits, and found that many of us are still failing to take the proper steps to fully protect our property

Paranoid-personality-single (1).jpg
Security Personality Infographic - Paranoids


The Paranoids—who generally check everything several times—make up 17% of the homeowner population. Although they worry the most about the state of their home security, they’re also the least likely to trust their neighbours, with only 22% leaving a spare key in their care in case of emergencies.

Am I a Paranoid?

If you check your home numerous times before leaving it, no matter how long you’re going out for, then you may fall into this category. Paranoids unplug electrics, double lock their doors and worry afterwards that they’ve left a window open or have forgotten to turn the oven off. Displaying personality traits like this can be great for your home security, but try not to let it impact on your time away - be confident that you have done all you can!

Security Personality Infographic - Regimented


37% of people identify with the Regimented, who take home security very seriously. They methodically take all necessary steps to secure their home, including making sure a watchful neighbour keeps an eye on the property. It appears the wisdom of the years tends to develop more Regimented characters, with 47% of over 65s identifying with this group compared with only 29% of 18-24 year olds.

Am I a Regimented?

If, when you leave your home, you have a set routine of security checks (including enhanced or additional security measures, such as extra locks and alarms) to put in place, and you’re confident that they’ll do the job, then you could be a Regimented. Those who fall into this category are usually trustful of their neighbours and feel comfortable about the security of their home while they’re away. In fact, it may only cross their minds a couple of times once they’ve left it behind.

Security Personality Infographic - Easy going


Largely—and perhaps surprisingly—we claim to be a nation of Easy-Going homeowners, with 41% of us calmly taking the necessary steps to lock up properly before leaving the house, but not worrying too much. Those living by themselves are more likely to be Easy-Going (49%) compared to those that are married or living with another person (39%).

Am I an Easy-Going?

If you’re an Easy-Going, you probably don’t think too much about your home security until it’s time to leave. It’s unlikely you’ll have any extra security measures to put in place, but you’ll take the time to go around and ensure that all of your windows are shut and locked, that your electrics are turned off at the wall and that you’ve locked your front door securely. Easy-Going’s tend not to think about their home at all while they’re away, confident that they’ve done all they can to keep it safe.
Security Personality Infographic - Chancers


A rogue 6% of the population admits to being Chancers, who are very relaxed – to the point where they sometimes forget to check everything. This might be why 15% of Chancers admit to having returned home to find they’ve left a window or door open or unlocked while they’ve been gone. The group that are most likely to identify with Chancers are 25-34 year-olds (11%), decreasing to 4% of over 65s.

Am I a Chancer?

If you’ve ever returned home to find that the back door is open, or even worse – that you’ve had something stolen – then you could be a Chancer. Not checking around your home before you leave and forgetting to lock windows and doors is an accident waiting to happen. Opportunist thieves operate everywhere, and even if you think you live in a safe neighbourhood, it’s always worth securing your home before you go away.

If you’re concerned about the security of your home, or if you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your property safe while you’re out, then why not contact us to arrange a FREE home security survey with no obligation to purchase any suggested solutions. Simply call us on 0345 145 0130 or email