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What are Your Home Security Habits? [Infographic]

In a recent study commissioned by us here at VPS247, we looked at the home security habits of people all over the UK and it turned up some surprising results. In our new infographic, you can see some of the stand-out statistics – which issues do you identify with?

Home Security Habits - Generation Gap

The Generation Gap

We found a big difference between the younger and older generations when it comes to double checking your property is secure before leaving the house. Younger people tend to do this a lot less than their older counterparts, with 29% of 18-24 year olds failing to check their windows and doors are closed and locked before going out. In the over 65s, only 7% fail to do this.

Similarly, 20% of young people have admitted that they’ve had to turn back home in order to check their house is locked, whereas only 7% of over 65s have admitted to doing the same. They say that with age comes wisdom, and they may just be right.

Love Thy Neighbour

Do you know your neighbours? Many streets and communities have close knit residents who look out for one another, but there are increasing numbers of households who do not have this luxury. They may not have many neighbours to connect with, or they could be distrusting of those who live near to them.
Just over 1 in 5 don’t have a neighbour keeping an eye on their property for them and only 34% of residents will give a spare key to a neighbour ‘just in case’. Cardiff was found to be the most cautious city in the UK when it comes to giving spare keys to others – just 17% of people have left a key with a neighbour here. The most trusting city was found to be Brighton, with 42% of people allowing t.heir neighbours to hold a key for them.

Making Rent

When it comes to home security habits, we found a difference between the actions of homeowners and those who rent. It’s important to be thorough when it comes to home security (checking windows & doors, having extra security measures in place and locking up properly before you leave the house), yet only 30% of those who rent would say they are thorough, compared to 41% of homeowners.
Shockingly, nearly 1 in 5 renters have confessed to not doing any security tasks before leaving the house at all, which is bad news for some landlords!

Under Lock & Key

‘Walk in’ burglaries – where a thief simply takes advantage of unlocked doors and windows – are very common. It’s surprising, then, that a whopping 45% of homeowners forget to check if their shed or garage is locked before they leave the house. These are both prime targets for thieves, so leaving them vulnerable may not be a very good idea, no matter where you live.

You may be of the opinion that your main property is more important to keep safe than these outbuildings, yet 17% still fail to make sure all windows and doors are locked before they go out. Worryingly, a huge 28% of us spend no time securing our homes before going out. Edinburgh is the worst for this, with 1 in 10 residents of the city admitting to finding a door or window open on their return home.