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A Closer Look:
Side Hinged Garage Doors

If you have visited our site before, then you may have noticed that we’ve added a new type of garage door to our range. Side Hinged garage doors offer the most traditional style of garage door opening mechanism, which many feel is the easiest and simplest to use. Side Hinged garage doors open just like the doors you’ll find around your home. Rather than having to be pulled outwards and upwards like the popular up & over garage doors, they simply open outwards like a pair of double-doors or French doors. This is makes going in and out of the garage very easy indeed, and if you use your garage for something other than a place to keep your car, just opening one of the doors and popping in is much easier than having to open up the full door, particularly if the weather is bad. This is just one of the benefits of Side Hinged garage doors – in this blog post we’ll also take a look at the other upsides to our brand new range.

Easy To Use

Side Hinged doors are a popular choice for many households, as they’re very easy to operate and do not require any lifting. Households with elderly, young children, or with infirm residents may find that Side Hinged doors are much easier for them to use safely, without risk of injury or strain. Traditional Up & Over doors with Canopy opening mechanisms use large springs to support the weight of the door, and while this works well, any stresses on the door can cause the springs to become unbalanced and make the door feel much heavier. For those less able to lift the weight of the door, this can be dangerous and potentially cause injury if the user is not strong enough.

Side Hinged garage doors also open right back to create a wide entrance way, which makes it easier to manoeuvre any vehicle(s) through the opening. As the doors open outwards, it also saves space inside the garage, giving you more room for wall and ceiling-mounted storage or features. More room is taken up outside the garage when the doors are open, however, so it’s important to take this into account before making a decision.

Full Customization

With 5 steel and 8 timber Side Hinged garage doors in our new range, there are plenty of opportunities to find the right combination of door design, colour and specification to suit both your needs and the style of your property. Our steel Side Hinged doors come with 18 different colour options, or if you are happy to wait a little longer for manufacture, we’re also able to apply any bespoke colour to your garage door. The timber Side Hinged garage doors come with a choice of 6 different wood stains, which help to protect the wood and keep your door looking great in all weathers.

Safety & Security

An optional extra with Side Hinged garage doors are the Door Stays, which attach to the outside of the garage and allow you to secure the doors whilst they are open. This is recommended for garages which are more exposed and therefore vulnerable to wind. If the doors blow shut whilst you are driving through them, then this may damage your vehicle and potentially the doors themselves. The overall security of Side Hinged garage doors is excellent, with all locks adhering to British Standards. Our expert engineers will be able to recommend the perfect size of door (and frame if needed) to fit the aperture perfectly, preventing gaps which can be utilised by thieves. More information on the security features of each door is outlined on their dedicated product pages.


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