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What’s The Difference?

There’s a big difference between Tracked and Roller garage doors, and it’s not just to do with the way they look. Tracked and Roller doors are so called because it describes the way they open, and these two could not be more opposite. Tracked garage doors are part of the Up & Over group of garage doors. These are common and you’ll be familiar with the way they look: a single panel door which opens by pulling the door outwards and up so that it sits in a horizontal position at the top of the garage when open. Tracked doors are fitted with tracks or rails along the ceiling of the garage, allowing the user to push the full door panel back into the garage space when in the full open position. This is generally seen to be a tidier and safer style of garage opening, and it’s popular for larger-sized doors due to the support it lends to the panel. It also means that these doors can be automated relatively easily – something which standard Canopy Up & Over doors cannot.

Roller garage doors do not open in the traditional Up & Over fashion. In fact, they aren’t even made as one solid panel. Instead, the door is constructed from narrow horizontal slats which fit together solidly when the door is in the closed position, creating a strong, uniform door panel. When opening the door, the ‘slats’ become flexible in order to roll around themselves in a cylinder at the top of the garage opening. This means that the door moves directly upwards during opening, rather than kicking out and taking up additional room. With a Roller garage door, you can park right up to your garage and still be able to open your door unhindered. They come automated as standard, unlike with the Tracked doors, which only offer this as an upgrade.

Why Choose Tracked?

Tracked garage doors are available in both galvanised steel and solid timber versions, with a wide variety of designs to choose from. It’s also possible to get the Garador Guardian range in a Tracked opening mechanism, which gives you enhanced security through Secured by Design approved garage door panels. While this is brilliant for those who may live in an area with a high rate of crime, the standard garage doors we offer have wholly sufficient security features and high quality locking mechanisms.

Tracked garage doors can be both manual and automatic, and you’re able to decide on this at any time, as it’s easy to convert the door at a later date should you want to. Solid timber, while more expensive than galvanised steel, is naturally insulating and will keep your garage at a comfortable temperature all year round. This is particularly important for those who use their garage spaces to work in or as a hobby room, and also for those whose garage is attached to their main home.

If you like the standard Up & Over style of garage door but you live next to a busy road, in an exposed, windy area or if you know you want to convert your door to automatic opening at some point in the future, then a Tracked door is for you. As Tracked garage doors do not stick out of the opening when fully open, they cannot be blown off balance by strong winds and other environmental stresses.

Why Choose Roller?

Roller garage doors are a relatively new product for residential homes, but they’ve been popular in other sectors for decades. Due to some brilliant advancements in the technology used to construct these doors, they’re becoming more and more popular with homeowners all over the UK. Constructed from insulated aluminium, these doors will keep the temperature inside your garage from extremes of hot and cold – perfect for homes where the garage is attached to the main property. Aluminium, as you probably already know, is a light metal which does not rust and therefore is longer lasting than other materials.

As the door opens by moving vertically upwards, you don’t need room outside of the garage in order to allow for the opening swing. This is ideal for homes which do not have a lot of drive space or where your car takes up almost all of the room within your garage. The individual slats ‘unlock’ from each other to be able to roll around themselves in a cylinder shape above the opening, giving you plenty of room within your garage – including on the ceiling.