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Retractable garage doors, also known as tracked garage doors, are a popular choice of opening mechanism for many of our customers. Retractable doors open in the same way that canopy doors do – in an up & over style – then slide back into the top of the garage when open. This means that they don’t stick out of the entranceway, as is commonly seen with the canopy door style.

Why Would You Want a Retractable Garage Door?

Choosing this type of door is often a matter of personal taste. Some people simply prefer their garage door to sit back fully within the garage when it’s open, as it can look neater, especially if you have it open often.

Another popular reason to choose a retractable garage door is to protect the door against unbalancing and damage sustained by high winds or gusts of air. If your garage fronts a busy road, or if you live in a windy and exposed area, then a retractable door can last for much longer and have fewer issues than one which is exposed to wind or gusts from traffic.

What Are The Material Options?

We have two main material options for our retractable garage doors. These are steel and solid timber. Both materials have a number of different designs in their range. In fact, the Evander retractable range has a whopping 68 different door styles altogether

  • 34 solid cedar doors
  • 25 galvanised steel doors
  • 9 woodgrain effect steel doors

    How Can I Make A Retractable Door Suit My Property?

      The good news is that our retractable door ranges are the most customisable and have the widest variety of options when it comes to design, colour and finish. The galvanised steel designs come in eighteen different colour choices (depending on the manufacturer of the door), from simple understated colours – like White or Light Grey – to brighter, more eye-catching hues like Ruby Red and Pigeon Blue.

      RAL garage doors colours

      The timber doors need to be weather-sealed with a wood stain coating. Our two suppliers, Garador and Hörmann, have 11 different wood stains between them, from Ebony to Rosewood to Light Oak and all shades in-between.

      Timber effect colours

      Additionally, our retractable garage doors have a number of handle choices, and the ones with integrated glazing have different window pane options, giving you the opportunity to customise every aspect of your chosen door. This will ensure that you can not only match your garage door to the look and feel of your property, but you can add a little of your personality in there too.