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Choosing a new garage door is sometimes a difficult process, as you not only need to consider what the door will look like on your property, but you also have to think about which opening mechanism is best suited to your home and your lifestyle.

In recent years, many homeowners who are interested in replacing their garage door have found that there’s much more choice available to them. Within the last decade, sectional garage doors have sharply risen in popularity, mainly due to improved technology and the fact they’re becoming very common in mainland Europe. It’s come to a point now where sectional garage doors pose big competition for more traditional up & over styles.

So what makes sectional garage doors so great? And are they really better than the traditional up & over doors?

‘Up & over’ is actually a blanket term for two different opening mechanisms; canopy and retractable. They open in the same way and look the same as each other, the difference being that the canopy door sticks out of the entranceway when open, whereas the retractable door pushes back to fully fit inside the garage space. Sectional doors, on the other hand, open in a very different way. They don’t swing out from the garage entrance whilst opening. Instead, they rise up vertically and then swivel to horizontal in sections before moving back into the top of the garage.

Whether a sectional garage door is ‘better’ for your needs or not depends on many different factors. For some, an up & over door is perfectly functional solution, but for others a sectional door may bring a lot of benefits and make things much easier. For instance, if you have a short driveway or have very little room in front of your garage, then you may find it hard to fit in the outward swing of an up & over door when you park in front of the garage itself.

Similarly, someone with a canopy style up & over garage door may struggle to get it automated. Sectional doors are designed with this in mind, so they can very easily be converted to be opened via a remote. This is a really useful addition to your door if you struggle to lift your own or if you don’t like having to get out of your nice warm car to open the door in the winter months!

The look of the door can also play a part in your decision making process. Up & over and sectional doors each bring something aesthetically different to a home. Sectional doors tend to look more modern, although certain finishes will still blend well with older properties. Canopy and retractable doors on the other hand come in a wide variety of designs, both modern and very traditional.

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