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The point of an emergency board up is to secure a property where there’s been damage to a possible entranceway. If you have a smashed window or door pane then this could leave your property vulnerable if it’s left as it is, not to mention the injury risk for people and pets due to the broken/vulnerable glass. Even a small hole or crack in some glazing can leave your home at risk, so it’s important to secure these areas too.

While plywood boards don’t look very attractive, they will do the job while you get a replacement pane sorted. We use plywood boards which are proven to be strong and secure for emergency board ups. Our engineers can fix the plywood to your property in different ways depending on the type of window that you have to ensure it’s as secure as possible.

For internally beaded double-glazed windows

Most newer double-glazed windows will be internally beaded. This means that the moulding which holds the pane in place is situated inside the frame itself, rather than outside the frame. When boarding up an internally beaded window our engineers will wedge the board into the frame from the inside, leaving no room for gaps or overlap.

For externally beaded double-glazed windows

Externally beaded windows can be compromised more easily than internal beaded ones, so with these we would ‘sandwich’ the window between two boards, one on the outside and one on the inside. These boards would be fixed together with a threaded bolt from the inside, so they can only be removed from inside the property, keeping the outside completely secure.

For single-glazed windows

Single-glazed windows can be boarded up by simply affixing the board to the frame. This will usually be done from the inside to ensure they’re as safe and secure as possible. Some single-glazed windows (ground floor only) can be fitted with a replacement pane during our initial visit. Our engineers stock laminated glass panes which they are able to cut on site and fit to your broken window. This helps to ensure that you’re not left inconvenienced for long.

I’ve Had An Emergency Board Up – What’s Next?

Once you’ve had an emergency board-up, your home will be secure. However, plywood board in place of a window or door pane is obviously not desirable and it’s likely you’ll want to get your property back to normal as soon as possible. If we’ve been referred to you through your home insurance company we may only be obliged to ‘make safe’ your property depending on your level of cover. If this is the case, we’ll discuss your options with you and quote you for a replacement pane if you would like us to. You are under no obligation to use us for further work.

Many people choose this ‘downtime’ to decide on an improvement for their home. The plywood board can be left in place while a completely new window or door is decided upon, ordered and fitted. Whether you decide to take the chance to improve your home or simply want things back the way they were, Evander can help. Call us on 0345 145 0130 or use our contact form to get in touch.