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4 Important Ways To Keep Your Home Safe In Summer

Going On Holiday

Due to the school holidays happening during the end of July and the whole of August, many families will be taking off for a week or two to enjoy some much needed time away from the norm. Of course, many thieves will be clued up about this and may target specific homes. Be aware of what you throw away in the run up to your holiday – summer clothing packaging and receipts for traveller’s cheques or foreign money can easily be used to piece together clues about when you’ll be away. It may be worth giving a trusted friend or neighbour your spare key so that they can collect post and draw your curtains regularly, making it look as if someone is at home. If you’d like additional peace of mind, contact us about our fantastic range of Locks and Security Solutions. The PATLock, for example, will give you instant peace of mind when you leave the house. It's easy to fit, cost effective and extremely hard to break. 


Enjoying The Sunshine

During the summer months it’s likely that there’ll be plenty to do outdoors. Your local authority may be putting on local shows or festivals, the weather is better for evening walks and adventures, and if you live near the coast then time spent on the beach is a must in the balmy temperatures. While all this is a brilliant way to enjoy the outdoors, you must also consider how secure your home is while you’re out of the house. Make sure that you have security lights fitted above your front and back doors to minimise the risk of a sneaky forced entry. Cutting down very high hedges can also help with this. Speak to your neighbours to get them to keep any eye out if you are going away for the full day.

patlock in use.jpg
The PATLock will stop any would-be thieves from entering your Patio Doors

BBQs and Sunbathing

Staying at home to enjoy the sunshine is something that most of us do, particularly if we have some nice outdoor space to use. Paddling pool parties, BBQs and lounging in the sun with friends are great ways to make the most of the sun without leaving the house, but it’s important to think of security when you’re out enjoying the nice weather. If everyone in the home is in the garden then you should ensure that your front door and windows (and your garage, if this is at the front of the house) are closed and locked. There have been reports of thieves entering homes and taking items whilst the occupants are in their own gardens, so be vigilant about this.

sunny beach.jpg
Relax, knowing your home is safe and secure.

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