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It’s the first day of spring, and the signs of the most hopeful season of all are already beginning to show. Spring is a time to look forward to the coming warmer months and to take stock. Many of us use spring as a season of maintenance and improvement. Spring cleaning feels natural and home improvement is also big on the agenda at this time of year. However, as well as making your home look good, it’s also very important to make it safe too.

Your Surroundings

Your property itself is not the be all and end all when it comes to home security. You also have to look beyond the building itself and consider your surrounding area. If you have outside space, like a garden, driveway or patio as part of your property, then you need to give these areas as much attention as the obvious things like having secure locks.

Many people think that having high fences and hedges and enclosing their home is good for safety, when in fact this may have the opposite effect. Burglars and opportunist thieves like to ‘work’ where there’s little chance of them being seen. By enclosing your home you’re also preventing your neighbours from seeing any untoward goings on. If it’s possible to strike a balance between privacy and exposure then do so.

Windows & Doors

Your windows and doors are the entrances to your home and are the obvious places to keep as secure as possible. Do a check of all doors and windows in your home. Do they all lock properly? Is there any damage to the glazing? If someone wanted to get into your home, where would be the first place they’d try?

If your locks are old or if your windows/doors don’t fit into the frames properly, then you could be leaving yourself at risk. If you have the type of front door where you need to lift the handle to lock it, then you’re likely to have a euro cylinder locking system. However, if your door was installed prior to 2008, then the lock you have may not be as secure as you think. Lock snapping is a common way for thieves to gain entry to your property quickly and easily so it’s important to have an anti-snap euro cylinder lock fitted if yours could be compromised. For more information on lock snapping,read our factual article here.


Sheds, annexes and garages should all be treated with as much concern as your main property. This is because – while you may not be as worried if someone broke into your shed – they could use things found within to make it easier to break into your actual home. Ladders, tools and other equipment are often stored in sheds and could be used against you if they’re not kept securely.

Ensure that all locks/padlocks used to secure outbuildings are strong and that they’re fixed down to something solid. There’s no point having a top of the range padlock attached to something which is crumbling away, after all. For garages, a defender can be used to secure the door to the ground, giving you further peace of mind.


Extra Security Features

As well as making sure the basics are covered, it’s also important to think about where extra security features could be implemented. For those who want to ensure their home is covered at all times, a Yale security alarm could be just the thing. Our range of wireless Yale security alarms and accessories have something for everyone, even if you have a dog or cat in the home or if you live in a high-rise apartment.

If you’ve got French patio doors, which open either outwards or inwards from the middle, then a Patlock can be used to secure the handles together. Acting a lot like a steering lock would on a car; the Patlock makes it very difficult for anyone to force entry, even if the locks are compromised.

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