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Which Is More Secure – Sliding Patio or French Doors?

hen the nights begin closing in and we come up to Mischief Week here in the UK (the week between Halloween and Bonfire Night in which the rate of burglaries rises), it’s understandable that our customers’ minds will turn towards how to keep their property – and their family – safe. With that in mind, one customer recently asked – which is more secure; sliding patio doors or French doors?

This is a good question, and one which people will have varying opinions about, depending on their experiences. In the past, some sliding patio doors were found to have a defect, where they could be lifted off their runners. However, this is no longer an issue with sliding patio doors, but this knowledge may influence the opinions you hear about their security. The thing to remember is that, when buying new sliding patio doors or French doors, you’re guaranteed a high minimum level of security due to UK law. Here at Evander we use British Standard locks and ensure all our products are not only installed expertly, but are manufactured to a high specification. Although both sliding patio doors and our French doors each come with multi-point locking as standard, however, this doesn’t mean that they’re on par with each other security-wise. Used on their own, these two door types (if new) have very little to tell them apart from a home security point of view, but French doors have the capability to use something called a Patlock, increasing their overall security above sliding patio doors.

The Patlock is a new, innovative additional security feature which fits onto the handles of French doors. It acts like a steering lock would on a vehicle – disabling the moving parts and preventing the doors from being used as they should be. The two interlocking handle covers stop either one of them being turned, so even if the lock is compromised, the doors can’t be opened. The great thing about a Patlock is that it’s not invisible and therefore acts as a deterrent. It is designed to be fixed to the inside handles, so that a potential intruder will be able to see it, but will not be able to tamper with it. To release the Patlock from the handles, you simply push a button and slide the two covers away from each other, thus releasing the handles to be used as normal.

The Patlock can be found in our home security accessories section and can be fitted to both old and new French doors. We offer this product with or without fitting.