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If you’re in the market for a new garage door, then you may be surprised at the vast array of options available. Having choice is wonderful, of course, but when you’re just starting your search it can make things somewhat confusing. Here at Evander we have hundreds of garage door designs available, but we only source these doors from 3 different manufacturers. We make sure that we only deal with what we believe to be the best garage door manufacturers out there. This is because we are passionate about providing the best for our customers, and this includes the products we sell as well as the services we provide.

The majority of our garage doors are manufactured by a company called Hörmann. Founded by August Hörmann in 1935, they have been constructing garage doors for decades and the company is currently run by the third and fourth generation of the Hörmann family. Half of our steel and timber up & over range and our entire sectional range of garage doors come from their factories, with most doors being made to order. So what can you expect from a Hörmann garage door when you buy from VPS247?

Steel Up & Over Garage Doors

Steel garage doors which open by pulling the panel outwards and upwards are the most common and popular type of garage door in the UK. Our range of Hörmann garage doors in steel extends to 15 different designs, 2 of which have windows incorporated into the panel. The majority of these steel doors come in a choice of 7 colours, but if you’re looking for something with a more traditional look, we also have 4 Hörmann garage doors available with a ‘decograin’ finish. This means that a foil finish is applied which mimics the look of real woodgrain. These doors can look very convincing; perfect for homes with a more traditional look but where a solid timber door does not suit due to the maintenance required or cost constraints.

The Hörmann Horizontal in Ruby Red, the Ilkley in White and the Marquess Decograin in Golden Oak

Timber Up & Over Garage Doors

When it comes to solid timber garage doors, Hörmann have a hugely popular range available. We offer 16 different timber designs, all of which are constructed from solid red cedar. Through innovation and testing, this wood has become the go-to material for timber garage doors as it does not perish or age as quickly as other types of hardwood. Resilient to extreme cold, heat, moisture and sunlight, this material ensures your door will stay strong and look great for decades as long as it’s looked after properly. We offer a choice of 9 different wood stains to properly finish the door and ensure it’s protected from the elements whilst still allowing the wood to breathe. Timber garage doors lend themselves well to both traditional and modern designs, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The Hörmann Rutland, the Chesterfield and the Mallory Vertical, all with a Golden Oak stain finish

Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional range of Hörmann garage doors is also nicely varied, with a wide range of finishes and textures available, as well as a choice of section size. Sectional doors open by moving vertically upwards, with each section then turning horizontally to fit within the garage close to the ceiling. These doors can look ultra-modern, but you can also opt for a panelled design with a woodgrain finish – this is ideal for more traditional-looking homes where the convenience and the benefits of a sectional door are desired over a solid timber up & over garage entrance. Sectional doors come in both electronic and manual opening options, and they can also have windows incorporated into the panels to create a lighter and brighter space. This is particularly good for those who like to spend time in their garage tinkering with the car or perhaps pursuing a hobby.

The Hörmann LPU L Titan Metallic in Anthracite Grey, the LPU S Panelled Decograin in Golden Oak, and the LPU M Ribbed Silkgrain in White

You can view our full range of Hörmann garage doors at any time by visiting the garage door section of the site and using the drop down boxes to select the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can use our Garage Door Builder, which allows you to design your garage door from scratch, using a Hörmann design as a base. You can find the door builder by clicking here. If you have any questions about any of our garage doors please do not hesitate to call 0345 145 0130, use our Contact Form or chat to us via the WebChat box at the bottom of the page.