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If you have the most traditional type of garage door with a Canopy opening style, then you may not realise you have other options when it comes to replacing it. Whether you’re replacing your door due to damage or you simply want to update the look of your home, there are plenty of Canopy designs to choose from. However, what’s available in a Canopy opening mechanism is also often available in a Retractable opening mechanism (also known as Tracked)

Why Switch to a Retractable Garage Door?

The life of Canopy garage doors can be shortened by becoming imbalanced. This can happen if you fail to open the door from the centre each time, or if the door is put under certain stresses. Canopy garage doors are susceptible to environmental damage as they stick out of the garage door opening by about a third when the door is fully open. This creates a handy canopy for when it’s raining and you want to spend some time working in your garage, but it also leaves the door exposed.

Garages situated in coastal towns and other areas of high winds, and garages which are next to fast-moving roads can become imbalanced due to the stresses this puts on them when they’re open. As the door protrudes from the opening, it can catch the wind and one side may be pulled off-centre, damaging the springs. This can make the door difficult to open.

Retractable garage doors still open in the up & over fashion, but instead of protruding from the entranceway when fully open, the Retractable garage door pushes back on ‘tracks’ to sit fully inside the garage. This is perfect for those with garages in windy areas or who would prefer to keep their garage door within the space in order to protect it.

Downsides to Retractable Garage Doors

Of course, no garage door style is ever going to be perfect for everyone, and while Retractable doors tick a lot of boxes, they also have a slight downside. The ‘arms’ which help to lift and guide the door into place will take up room on either side of the entranceway, just inside the garage space itself. This may reduce your drive through width by a few inches. If your garage opening is very small, or if you struggle getting your car through as it is, then a Retractable garage door may not be for you.

Upsides to Retractable Garage Doors

As well as the protective benefits mentioned above, Retractable doors are also perfect for conversion to automatic. If you’d like to use a remote control to open your garage door from the warmth and safety of your car, then a Retractable door is easy to add a motor to. Canopy garage doors are not easy to automate and some older Canopy doors may be impossible to convert in this way.

If you’d like to find out more about Retractable garage doors and the various pros and cons, please visit our guide here. Additionally, our full Retractable range can be found here. If you have any questions then please feel free to call us on 0345 146 7001 or use our contact form.