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Window damage can be caused by many different things, and it’s not just the glass that can be broken. We are called out to plenty of emergency window repair jobs where it’s the frame, rather than the glazing, that has sustained damage. This is often due to attempted forced entry, something which can make your uPVC, aluminium or timber window frames look very worse for wear indeed.

Forced Entry Damage

A common method that criminals use to gain entry to homes through the windows is by using something strong as leverage, such as a crowbar or large screwdriver. This is inserted between two parts of the frame and used to try and pry the window open. With modern frames and locks, this can be nigh on impossible to do, but the damage created can still be substantial. Both aluminium and uPVC frames can be bent outwards or snapped in places, and timber frames can split.

Evander’s Repair Team

If your window has sustained damage, then you may assume that you’ll need to claim on insurance or fork out yourself for a whole new window, but there is a much cheaper way of getting it sorted. Repairing window frames and replacing broken glass to the point where absolutely no trace of the damage would be left is something that Evander specialise in. We even hold training with our head-office telephone response staff so that they understand exactly what can be fixed. They even get to try out some of the repairs themselves. This puts them in a position where they’ll be able to understand your particular window damage and send the most skilled person for the job, which we do all over the UK.

Emergency Window Repair Strength

We have a wide range of equipment that is used to fix window panes and frames in all different types of material. From heat guns for uPVC damage to coloured wax for timber repair, we can deal with almost any type of frame restoration.

You may be thinking that the use of heat guns and coloured wax would create a less secure or weaker window than before, and you’d be sensible to consider this after an attempted break-in. However, windows that are repaired will have just as much integrity as they did before the damage was sustained. Our surveyors and engineers are experts in their field – many with decades of experience – and they will not repair a window that has become a safety or security risk. In this instance we would always suggest a replacement rather than a repair.

Caring For The Environment

This being said, we do try to encourage repair jobs where we can. Not only does it create less upheaval for you, but it’s also something which is much, much better for the environment – a primary concern for us here at Evander. Repairing windows creates much less waste and therefore less impact on the planet. We will recycle timber and aluminium windows (aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without losing strength or quality) whenever we have to, but a repair is always the easiest and most environmentally friendly option.

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