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  • Conservatories can be a brilliant addition to any home; giving more space and light to the interior, and perhaps even allowing more open-plan living. However, as wonderful as they are, conservatories are not always enjoyed all year round. Due to the amount of glazing used in a conservatory, they can get very hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. The sun creates glare through the roof and the windows, and when it rains or hails they can be very noisy inside.

    Although these are all minor ‘downsides’ of having a conservatory, it may mean that the space isn’t used as often as other rooms in the house. If you take these issues away, then your conservatory would have a chance to really come into its own as a dining room, reading room, hobby room or even somewhere for children to play. With an Equinox roofing solution from Eurocell, this is now a possibility.

    The Equinox Roofing Solution

    An Equinox roof has many benefits over the traditional glazed conservatory roof. It’s incredibly energy efficient (around 10x more efficient than an A-rated window), which cuts out the main issue of extreme room temperatures. An Equinox roof will ensure that your conservatory is kept comfortable both in the summer and the winter, and as a result your heating bills will reduce. If you still want light to come in from above, then roof windows can be incorporated as an optional extra.


    The Equinox roofing solution uses your current conservatory frame and can be installed with minimal fuss and disruption. The roof itself is specially designed so that it creates an efficient and solid structure on top of your conservatory, leaving the rest of it the same. Rather than exposed glazing, the ceiling is plastered and painted or clad in timber to match your tastes, creating more of a ‘sun room’ feel. Ceiling lights are also incorporated at this stage.

    Installing an Equinox roof solution usually takes 1-2days and our engineers will work quickly to ensure that your conservatory is made watertight as soon as possible after removing the existing roof panels.

    If you’re interested to learn more about this brand new product, please call us on 0345 145 0130 or use our contact form to register your interest.

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