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Camden Aluminium Georgian Bar window

Aluminium Georgian Bar Window

Our Georgian Bar windows have decorative bars installed on top of the glazing to give a more traditional look to your home, as well as providing some privacy when you have large glazed areas. The aluminium frames can be finished in a variety of colours, meaning that you can team a more traditional look with the modern conveniences of aluminium frames if you wish.

All aluminium windows are available in 4 basic colours, giving you the freedom to customise your new windows to suit your property. We can also offer more bespoke colours if you would like something a little different.

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In the past, aluminium was not an overly popular frame material, but modern technology has allowed the construction of aluminium frames so that they’re just as efficient and secure as other window types. In fact, aluminium windows may last longer than other frame materials and need very little in the way of maintenance – a simple wipe down is all they really require in order to stay clean and for the colour to stay vibrant. For this reason, they’re becoming much more popular. Fully recyclable, aluminium is a very eco-friendly material which doesn’t lose quality each time it is reused, meaning that the impact your windows will have on the environment both before and after being installed to your property.

We have a wide choice of different finishes and security upgrades available for our windows range. Please get in touch to find out what is available for your desired window specification.