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AlluGuard 55 Laminated Roller Garage Door

The AlluGuard 55 Laminated Roller Garage Door. Requiring only 205mm of headroom, the AlluGuard 55 has the benefits of the larger AlluGuard 77, but in a very compact space. AlluGuard 55 doors are supplied with half box as standard. Both half or full box has 205mm headroom on top of the guide height.

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AlluGuard is totally focussed on you. Choosing a product for your home as important as a garage door is not something you do very often. Perhaps only once or twice in a lifetime! To purchase with confidence requires a company you can trust - a quality assured company.

AlluGuard’s reputation is built on quality and are independently certified to prove that their quality management systems are industry acknowledged! AlluGuard’s products are designed to give you the ultimate in performance ensuring that you’ll be happy to recommend AlluGuard. Safety always comes first at AlluGuard.

All AlluGuard products carry a CE mark and have been independently tested for safe operation and compliance with legislation to EN 13241-1.


Insulated Roller Garage Doors:

Insulated roller garage doors are wonderfully simple in everyday use thanks to smart technology.

They open at the touch of a button:

Smart controls ensure safe and effortless opening every time

They take up less space:

Than any other garage door, rolling up into a compact space with no tracks projecting into the garage.

They keep out the weather:

So your garage is no longer a draughty no-go area.

They are Police Approved:

For security. Protect valuable items stored in your garage with our independently tested Secured by Design door, the AlluGuard 77.

They make extra space:

By fitting behind the opening giving you a wider and taller opening. This increases drive-through width by up to 150mm (6”) and drive through height by up to 75mm (3”) Vertical opening means the door doesn’t project out onto your drive or into the garage space allowing you to park up to the door, inside and out.

Automation Accessories

Automated as standard, the features of the AlluGuard77 and AlluGuard55 garage door systems are already at a luxury level. To further enhance day-to-day use this range of control options provides extra flexibility

Secure Metal Keypad:

With a metal case and secure smart rolling code technology, this keypad gives you peace of mind for secure access to your garage

Smoove Wall Switch:

The Somfy remote control, available in single and double fittings, add touch sensitive controls to your new door system. Available in three colours, you can customise the look and feel of the control unit to match your surroundings.

Wireless Digital Keypad:

This externally wall mounted keypad will accept a 4 to 13 digital code to operate your garage door for opening and closing without the hand transmitter. This makes for a secure method of operation where access is required.

Vision slats:

Polycarbonate clear glazing is available for AlluGuard77 (doors on a proportion of the door curtain) to allow natural light into the garage. Woodgrain finish doors are only available with brown vision laths. Glazing option not available on AlluGuard55

Manual Exterior Release:

For use in emergencies or in the event of power failure. The manual release allows the door to be opened manually from outside the garage - essential if the garage has no other entry point.

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