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ABS BS 3* Euro Double Cylinder

If you need to lift the handle of your front door in order to lock it, then it’s likely that you have a euro cylinder lock, like the one pictured. However, if your door was installed to your property before 2008, then the lock is unlikely to be an anti-snap version. Unfortunately, standard euro cylinder locks have a weakness which thieves have learned to exploit, so replacing yours with the anti-snap variety could mean the difference between an attempted break-in and a full on burglary.

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The title ‘anti-snap’ is somewhat confusing, because this lock is actually designed to be snapped. Older euro cylinder locks can be broken by applying force to the front of the lock, which then snaps the actual locking section (the black section in the middle of the lock), allowing the thief to gain entry. This anti-snap version is scored around the front (the line you can see near the front of the lock), which means any attempt at breaking it will result in the lock snapping here, and not in the middle. Although the lock will be damaged your door will still be completely secure, and with the front of the lock removed, the thief will not be able to get enough leverage to snap it again.

We offer this lock with or without fitting by one of our fully trained & DBS-checked locksmiths local to you.

Your new anti-snap euro cylinder lock comes with the lock barrel itself and 3 keys. Where supply and fit is chosen we will ensure that your lock is fully operational and that you know how to use it properly to ensure the longevity of your door.